MSM104 Facts



07 Oct 2021 - 21 Nov 2021

Northeast of the Cape Verde Archipelago

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Chief scientist: Jens Greinert


REEBUS R/V Maria S. Merian Expedition

Expedition Preview

Goal of the cruise is to quantitatively understand the dynamics of mesoscale eddy focusing effects on the biological carbon pump and the transport of carbon towards the deep sea seafloor. Eddies play an important role in the lateral mixing and transport of physical-biogeochemical properties and thereby modulate biological productivity and material fluxes to the seabed.

Specific aims are:
i. the physical and biogeochemical characterization of one specific eddy;
ii. to quantify and examine the spatio-temporal variability of material fluxes to the seafloor and benthic turnover;
iii. to decipher the local scale variability of benthic biogeochemical processes driven by the heterogeneous deposition of detritus;
iv. investigate the temporal variability of material towards the seafloor at one location through a one year long EINSTEIN rover deployment.


Study area